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Chernoff Newman Insights - Coronavirus

A new poll conducted by integrated marketing communications agency Chernoff Newman provides a snapshot into the effects the coronavirus has had on the lives and psyches of North and South...


The Next 90 Days

Dickens famously said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” … well what about in the most uncertain of times, Charles? 


MAGNET Global Addresses the Coronavirus Pandemic

MAGNET Global Network displays solidarity in facing the business challenges presented by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.


OTT Trends and Future Predictions

Consumers expect streaming content from robust OTT apps for mobile and connected TVs. But only the best brands evolve these apps into successful enterprises. Now yours will, too.


Preparing a Business for Sale? Invest in Your Brand First

Placing a dollar value on a company's brand is nearly impossible. But when preparing your business for sale – or for buyers looking to get


How Content Strategy, Automation Go Hand in Hand

Every meaningful journey begins with a map and a plan. Today’s accessibility to Google Maps allows us to choose the most efficient routes, suggests stops along the way, and seamlessly adjusts if we...


Save Our Breath

Drowning would suck. Freezing to death would also suck. But burning alive as the entire planet watches? Now that's hands-down the suckiest way to die.


Will the Boeing Brand Fly High Again?

How the 737 Max Disaster Could Actually Make Future Flight Safer


Why Messaging Matters: Achieve Your Business Goals with Words

You have your business goals – whether it's growing market share, increasing productivity, or selling