MAGNET is so much more than just a global professional network of partnered agencies; we are your gateway to unparalleled marketing support and collaboration.

There is a way to get the insights, the scalability, the credibility and the answers to the questions that keep you up at night. With MAGNET, you have a global network of CEOs and Principals who understand what you're going through in running an independent agency.

Here’s what you’ll find as a member.


Leader-to-Leader Troubleshooting

What’s your payroll to income target? How much are you spending on new business costs? How protected are you from cyber attacks? What’s your growth strategy? Exit strategy? Just the tip of the issues you can get confidential support and advice around.



Global & Local Credibility

With boots on the ground around the world, MAGNET gives you the local presence, resources and credibility to work with clients in any market, language and culture.


Competitive Muscle

We don’t just enjoy time together, we work together. Whether you need a creative team, a senior strategist, media planners or digital developers, you can tap into network with professionals. Access valuable resources from trusted agencies to excel in new business pitches and short-term projects, backed by marketing support that empowers your growth.




Scale-up in capacity or capabilities, without the need to expand your staff. Our approach encourages and empowers you to maintain a high level of service for your clients and pursue new opportunities within a supportive professional network,and receive quality marketing support all while preventing staff burnout.



Intel & Insights

As much as we enjoy learning from one another, we also bring in the best and brightest speakers to give us a pulse on trends and innovations that are affecting the future of our business. We work away from the screen, helping you to gain valuable insights from presentations by speakers and industry experts while you network with professionals who share similar objectives for their independent or global marketing agencies. Members also receive an annual financial survey (which includes salaries, billing rates and stats), webinars and workshops for HR, Creative and Media staff.


Membership Package


Attend three CEO/Partner-level summits annually


Gain access to agency salaries, billing rates and statistics


Enjoy valuable discounts with strategic partners to bolster your agencies' capabilities and professional network

Additional Features

MAGNET Minute:
Stay well-informed with our bimonthly newsletter

Access our knowledge-sharing platform providing your team with valuable tools and resources for extra marketing support

Global access to other independent agency networks

Case Stories

Choose MAGNET and navigate your agency’s journey with guidance, supported by a professional marketing support network that understands and encourages your success.