A Collective Force for Growth and Enlightenment

MAGNET (Marketing & Advertising Global Network) is a worldwide community of independent agency CEOs and Principals from independent advertising and marketing firms. We share ideas, opportunities, clients and even a few secrets to drive business and insights to drive your success. Our face-to-face approach and  transparent culture build strong bonds and relationships within an independent marketing agency group network.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to leverage the power of partnership within independent agencies  for unprecedented growth. Imagine a space where ideas flow, opportunities are abundant, clients are shared, and growth is inevitable. 

Joining us provides independent and global  marketing agencies with access to decades of collective experience, knowledge, resources, and international connections to further enhance your market presence. Stay updated on industry trends and connect with potential partners to propel your business forward.

Why Magnet
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Magnet Meeting

Forty agencies. Four partners. Six continents. Infinite possibilities.

40 agencies with offices and resources in 100 key cities around the world with $300 million USD in revenues. And 100% commitment to each other’s success.

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The Power of Human Connection

Sure, while webinars, online meetings and videos offer valuable insights, there’s nothing quite like the impact of immersing yourself in two days of face-to-face interactions, three times a year, alongside a diverse group of agency leaders within our global marketing network. Our meetings make you think, provide actionable takeaways and foster CEO to CEO connections that accelerate your business. Join us and experience the unmatched expertise that our strategic marketing network can offer.

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MAGNET Updates & Insights


Recapping MAGNET's First Principal Meeting of the Year: What’s Top of Mind in Early 2024

Discover key marketing insights & strategies from MAGNET's recent principal meeting, including discussions on AI content creation, marketing news, & finding an agency support network.


Learnings from our Global Partners

At the end of September we had the pleasure of welcoming founders, principals and executives from our sister agencies across the Magnet Global Network to Eat’s home city of Tokyo.


MAGNET Welcomes Intellitonic

MAGNET welcomes our newest member, Intellitonic, to the network.

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Reach new heights, empower your team, and broaden your horizons with MAGNET - your trusted independent agency group and global marketing network.