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Drake Cooper is Accepting Dream Big Applications for 2016

10/17/2016 13:18

Wake up Big Dreamers! Our Dream Big application for 2016 has launched. Do you love your 501c3 organization and your community, and want to get the word out? Let us help. This will be year nine for our Dream Big program, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the relationships we’ve built with past recipients. […]

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10/13/2016 20:06

Columbia’s family spooktacular is October 21-30.

Strategic Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

10/12/2016 02:00

As a professional who has chosen marketing strategy as a career discipline, I must admit that I still have a tendency to cringe at the word “strategic” as much as anyone. The word “strategy” is so often misused to represent...

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What We Learned: The Best Marketing News Of September

10/07/2016 11:00

There’s never a shortage of marketing news. But sifting through it all and separating the actionable and meaningful from the hype and headline-grabbing is always a tedious job. And yet, that’s exactly what we’ve attempted to do here. What follows are the key stories from last month that top marketers should pay attention to. In […]

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A year ago this week

10/06/2016 13:36

1,200 families are still in need a year after the flood ravaged the Midlands

Employee Spotlight: Valeria Lopez

10/05/2016 02:06

Valeria Lopez is a woman of many talents. Not only is she LaneTerralever’s Data & Analytics Specialist, she is also in a mariachi band, a makeup pro, fluent in Spanish, an excellent baker and quite the mixologist. Valeria is in...

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To re-brand or to re-position: that is the question

10/04/2016 03:00

A well-crafted B2B brand positioning strategy should stand the test of time.

Welcome to Main Street District

09/29/2016 14:39

The heart of the capital city now has a new look to go along with the exciting things happening in the 9-block area of downtown Columbia.

The end is just the beginning.

09/28/2016 16:21

The ash kept falling like snow, but it just wouldn’t melt. Citizens roamed the streets, their anxious faces dressed in unfamiliar surgical masks to protect their lungs. Nervous cars hid in their garages fearful of clogged air filters. It seemed Portland, my beloved hometown, would be forever lost to unpredictable Mother Nature. I celebrated my [...]

How to Make Your Email Stand Out

09/15/2016 02:00

Everyday our inboxes get cluttered with emails from businesses, friends, coworkers and the list goes on. 122 billion emails are sent every hour, so it is very important to stand out. While everyone is doing it, emailing is an important...

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