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Meet the New

08/12/2016 11:05

At the end of 2015, Drake Cooper, along with Visit Idaho (Idaho Commerce – Tourism Development) launched the revamped, one of the larger endeavors our agency has taken on digitally. We wanted to create a site that was remarkable and something that had never been done before, but most importantly, we wanted to create […]

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Maybe You Should Just “Suck Less, and Ask for More Reviews”?

08/10/2016 02:00

It’s no secret that customer reviews become content for search, in both local and national results. Online reviews have an influence on ranking and relevance, but most importantly, they can impact convergence. When you think about customer reviews, you probably...

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Tips on Working with Social Influencers

08/04/2016 02:00

Influencer marketing is a great and cost-effective way for brands to reach potential buyers. Influencers have a large audience reach and their audience actually trusts their messages. Advertisers also say that engagement is significantly higher when it comes from an influencer...

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Marketing Technology Infrastructure

07/28/2016 03:00

As technology advances rapidly, B2B needs to step up the pace.

Thanks for Everything, Junior

07/27/2016 13:55

Few people have been tasked with writing an ad about their idol. Their childhood hero. The person responsible for many of their fondest memories growing up. I have. This is, in equal parts, the hardest and easiest ad I’ve ever written. Because it didn’t come from research, strategy, or “reasons to believe.” It came, totally... Read more »

Global Branding Needs of B2B Companies

07/27/2016 03:00

As B2B companies continue to expand into global markets, the need for a unified brand and business strategy is increasingly important.

Employee Spotlight: Jamie Abbruscato

07/27/2016 02:00

If you ask anyone in the office to describe Jamie Abbruscato, you would hear about his high energy, his vivaciousness, his success as an account manager and so much more! Jamie has worked at advertising agencies since his sophomore year...

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BrandingBusiness Global – responding to client needs

07/26/2016 03:00

The creation of BrandingBusiness Global represents a key step in our ability to provide B2B clients worldwide with the evidence-based brand building tools.

Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Pokémon Go

07/21/2016 02:00

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go by now, it is about time you do. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile app game made by Nintendo in which users play as Pokémon trainers to capture and evolve Pokémon in the real...

The post Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Pokémon Go appeared first on LaneTerralever.

BrandingBusiness opens EMEA office as part of global expansion plans

07/19/2016 03:00

Premier B2B brand agency establishes London hub in partnership with Gravity Global.

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