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Speaking CSR: How Much Does Language Matter?

04/29/2014 13:44

In CSR, language matters. Words – such as “community,” “mission,” or “vision” – can be utilized to highlight acts of sustainability, corporate philanthropy, employee volunteerism and other corporate citizenship efforts. Language can also help companies align their CSR efforts with  More

Relationships Matter

04/29/2014 12:17

Relationships. They are an integral part of our lives, both personally and professionally. In the marketing world, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients, vendors, and each other. Businesses, in turn, have a responsibility to foster long-lasting relationships with their customers. Marketing initiatives are key to this effort. Whether it’s a […]

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Buscamos un CTO para ChicPlace

04/25/2014 07:09

En el GrupoBeRepublic no dejamos de buscar talento y, en este caso, estamos buscando un CTO para, una de las startups lanzadas desde BeFactory, la incubadora del Grupo. ¿Estás interesado o conoces alguien que lo pueda estar? No dudes en enviarnos tu CV o en hacer llegar esta información a quien encaje en el […]

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Bringing Brand Strategy to Life: Creating Killer Messaging

04/24/2014 20:00

All too often, good brand strategy is diminished with marketing execution. Here, tips for infusing the brand into messaging.

Dear utilities, please learn from our country’s diminishing reputation.

04/23/2014 13:37

America is getting hammered in the media.  Whether you read it in today’s New York Times, “Running Out of Time”, or today’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece, “Ignoring Inequality”, our major media are playing their role in hammering the American reputation, America’s brand value.  It’s easy for us to see the diminished value of America […]

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Rise of the CDO (Chief Digital Officer)

04/22/2014 11:58

Most large companies and corporations have a CIO (Chief Information Officer), a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), and a COO (Chief Operations Officer). Because they represent separate departments with separate budgets, each often has separate goals and initiatives. They have separate employees and work in separate offices and receive separate evaluations. Sure, they are expected to be good neighbors and so, ....

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Be Prepared for #CompanyXHatesTheEarth

04/22/2014 10:58

Accidents happen. Breakdowns occur. The proverbial stuff, as they say, will hit the fan. So, are you ready? Is your business prepared? And not in the “sure, we have an old flashlight and a space blanket in the trunk” prepared. We’re talking about full-on, career- and office-saving crisis communications plans and execution strategy, for when […]

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To Drive Growth, Benefits Consultants Must Rethink Their Brands

04/22/2014 10:54

The benefits consulting industry is at an interesting inflection point: with the unrolling of the Affordable Care Act and the extension of services to include private health care exchanges, the sector is rapidly expanding, growing in both size and complexity.  More

Social Media in the Workplace Seminar

04/18/2014 15:05

Businesses and job seekers who want to know more about using social media in the work place should check out WorkingSocial, an intermediate-level seminar hosted by the Idaho Department of Labor. Get answers to key legal questions, tips on branding and marketing practices, and learn how to use social media for recruitment and employment search.  WorkingSocial will […]

Did you know that 98,000 pets flew Jet Blue in 2013?

04/18/2014 14:02

JetBlue is my favorite airline. It is not just the TVs or the fact that I can check a bag for free, it’s the user experience from web to phone to terminal to plane. Granted the airline benefits from the dysfunction that defines its domestic competitors, but regardless Jet Blue creates a relatively easy, enjoyable […]

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