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Amazing American Advertising Awards

02/20/2017 15:14

Chernoff Newman sweeps show, taking Best of Interactive, Best of Broadcast, People's Choice Award and Best of Show.

#LTbelieves: Volunteer Day at Clarendon Elementary School

02/16/2017 12:08

This Valentine’s day LaneTerralever did something different. While we love valentines and eating chocolate, our entire office – designers, account managers, production artists and the like – spent half of the day helping out a local school.   HandsOn Greater Phoenix is an organization that pairs volunteers with local needs. Through them, LaneTerralever spent the afternoon …

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Writing to Customers, Not at Them

02/14/2017 09:15

On average, I receive about ten emails from different brands every day. Whether I open them or not depends mostly on the subject line. Is it interesting? Intriguing? A little sassy? A little snarky? When I’m writing subject lines, I think about what makes me open emails and write from that perspective. Depending on the

SoLoMo Series, Part IV: Twitter

02/08/2017 08:00

Welcome back to the SoLoMo series, comrades. I’d pause for pleasantries, but there’s way too much for us to cover – so let’s just say this formerly three-part ordeal is now a however-long-I-can-keep-ranting kind of thing. Cool? Cool.   In parts I, II, & III, we covered the usual suspects of search through the lens …

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Dynamic Emails – Get Relevant or Get Deleted

02/06/2017 09:30

Introduction Imagine you’ve just spent more than $1,000 buying a brand new DSLR camera. As part of the buying process, you’ve given your email address and agreed to receive marketing emails from the retailer. You get a welcome email congratulating you on your purchase and recommending a few additional accessories that might go well with

Facial Recognition at the Grocery Store….CRAZY!!!

02/03/2017 11:34

I’ve been waiting to see how a brand might take advantage of emerging technologies within retailers. P&G is testing facial recognition software with shelfPoint to determine if a shopper responds positively or negatively to digital shelf ads. This could be one new way to increase CRM membership. Any digital ad should include the URL to

2017 Dream Big recipient: Create Common Good

02/02/2017 15:01

Drake Cooper is proud to announce our 2017 Dream Big recipient, Create Common Good.   Using food to change lives, Create Common Good provides food service job-training for individuals with barriers to employment as well as food production services for product entrepreneurs and the restaurant industry. A Boise – based nonprofit, the 2017 Dream Big […]

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Snap Your Way to Success – A Guide for Beginner’s

02/01/2017 08:00

Ever wish you could transform yourself into a doe-eyed deer? What about giving yourself a permanent flower crown? If the answer is yes, meet Snapchat.   Brands, businesses, and people all over the world have become engulfed in the world of snaps, filters, and disappearing content. Users on the platform have the ability to send …

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Introducing Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic Center

01/30/2017 15:12

Take a look at a healthcare campaign that doesn’t look entirely like healthcare.

One Sure-Fire Way to Compete With Big Retailers.

01/25/2017 11:44

When a company achieves massive scale, the advantages this brings can seem daunting to compete against from the view of smaller competitors in the category. A combination of bigger budgets, more sizable market presence, more professional websites, larger inventory, aggressive discounting, generous exchange policies, and robust loyalty programs can create a feeling that there is […]

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