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Do Your Customers Trust Your EE Financial Messaging?

When it comes to inspiring the EE customer to participate in programs or to purchase an EE product, the typical industry message is rooted in the benefit of financial savings. And it makes sense.


Who doesn’t want to spend less on their energy bill?

But, KSV’s proprietary research tells us that the typical customer response to “savings" messages is rooted in distrust. Fundamentally, there is a lack of understanding and skepticism in why a utility would want customers to save money on their monthly bills.

Customers are thinking “How do I know I will actually save money, or actually be paid back for these expensive upgrades? And how long will that actually take?"

One residential homeowner is quoted “I’m just not sure if there will be a financial payoff to making the adjustments or that it would actually add value to my home."

In a situation of uncertainty and distrust, how can you relieve these barriers? One solution: Provide a guarantee.

92% of research participants state the lack of an energy and cost reduction guarantee as one of their top three barriers to EE program participation.

What guarantee can you provide? A reasonable payback period? Annual savings? Convenience?

Without a guarantee, you’re asking customers to trust you. Do better than that. Give them no option but to trust you, and be accountable for that. Building customer trust in your programs will only lead to increased customer satisfaction. And this is how you transform your energy company into an energy brand.

Lauren Bell / 802.862.8261 / [email protected]

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