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MAGNET is built on 3 pillars:
Content, Community & Commerce

MAGNET is built on 3 pillars:Content, Community & Commerce
Content: continual learning from each other, sharing best practices & access to proprietary processes

Community: being able to share experiences, insights across many cultures and geographies

Commerce: collaborating to maximize current revenue streams & new business opportunities across the membership.

To help accomplish this, three meetings are held a year for agency principals and CEO's, each formatted as a no-holds-barred, open exchange of ideas and expertise. (After all, these are your peers...your counterparts in other agencies...who share similar goals and ideas.) Meetings are designed to help members learn, grow and prosper. Members talk about agency concerns. Operational concerns. Financial concerns. Client concerns. They rollup their sleeves and lay it all on the table. In short, becoming a member of MAGNET gives you immediate access to a wealth of agency knowledge and services...real-life experiences you can put to good use each and every day when running your own agency.