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MAGNET Mission Statement

"MAGNET, the Marketing & Advertising Global Network, is the World’s most successful network of innovative and entrepreneurial independent advertising agencies. We collaborate closely as colleagues and friends, working in partnership to capitalize on new commercial opportunities. We share resources, best practices and insights in order to drive the growth and success of our clients, our agencies and the network.".


"MAGNET is a helpmate, an advisor, a counsel, a resource and a friend. It enables its members to e-mail, phone, write, or visit other experienced marketing professionals who are ready, very willing and extremely able to help with the advice, the ideas and the solutions to make an agency business function better. It is people more than its operations. It is personal and confidential rather than broad-based and insensitive. It is the place for a member to turn, when fortune does not allow any one else in close proximity to assist with business problems."


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