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Weiman: Polishing the internet

Client: Weiman
Agency: WiredViews

Client Background

The Weiman family has revolutionized the term “clean” since 1941 by adding a high quality wood polish product to a non-existing market.


My Brands, a pleased client of WiredViews, was well aware of one of their clients who could use the aid that they have received. WiredViews was introduced to Weiman and analyzed the performance of their current digital influence within the market. WiredViews planned to take charge and develop a new strategy for Weiman to gain an online influence, create a new Site, generate traffic to that site, and generate additional brand awareness. WiredViews proposed this plan that revolved around the Kentico CMS to achieve these goals.


The process began with the design of a new site done with the Kentico backbone and by WiredViews’ main developers. Weiman required a site that would display over forty-five products and fifty additional pages of information that would undergo content changes to coincide with other digital marketing efforts.


With the help of Wiredviews and Kentico, Weiman experienced an immediate increase of ROI (10x). From the launch of the new site, the amount of visits increased by 54.8% over an approximate ten-month period in comparing to the previous ten months before WiredViews. The amount of unique visitors also increased 55.34% after WiredViews took over.

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