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Making companies stronger

Client: Pacer
Agency: Princeton Partners

Client Background

Pacer International is a global logistics and transportation company. The company is actually comprised of nine distinct businesses, obtained through a series of acquisitions. All operated under the Pacer name, but each had its own website, logo design, color palette and way of speaking to its customers.


When we met them, Pacer was seriously lacking a unifying business strategy and this disjointedness put them at a competitive disadvantage.


Pacer hired Princeton Partners to grow the brand and generate leads. We knew the first order of business was to bring the company together and give both customers and prospects a holistic view of Pacer’s capabilities. We had to develop a singular creative expression that would be carried through all of Pacer’s marketing communications. Internally, the rallying cry is ‘One Vision. One Team. One Pacer.’ The external message had to have the same boldness, but with a benefit the customer could identify with. It had to work as a comprehensive business strategy for the entire company as well as for each corporate arm. Through an intense process of discovery, research and development, we found that Unifying Brand Idea™: ‘Delivering Confidence’. ‘Delivering Confidence’ became the new mission, vision and values statement for Pacer. It led the way for new internal processes and a go-to-market strategy that would allow Pacer to offer the right solutions to clients across its breadth of services. We transformed Pacer’s new corporate brand identity into a logo, color palette, a fully integrated digital strategy and the tagline, “Making your world run smoother.™” Out of this tagline grew the Smoother creative campaign, the theme for ads, videos and even Smoother T-shirts. Pacer employees were now known as Smoothers – intermodal geniuses with the Midas-like ability to make any business they touched run smoother.


In the first quarter following launch, total revenue for the company jumped 25%. Just as importantly, the new creative direction was enthusiastically embraced by the entire Pacer corporate family. Pacer’s Chairman and CEO stated that now, more than ever before, the employees are energized and the company is operating as one single-minded organization.

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