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BMW Austria Performance

Client: BMW Austria

Client Background

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. BMW is along with Audi and Mercedes-Benz one of the three best-selling luxury automakers in the world.


Make BMW-drivers keen on BMW Performance-Tools and create high response in terms of concrete enquiries to the single retailers.


An entertaining actionpaper that shows how the different models look with and without performance accessory. Beyond that, the user gets a detailed picture which performance products are available for each model and what the „performance effect“ of each product is. With the integrated sweepstake, the user can test his own performance knowledge and dynamic videos provide an authentic race feeling. In sum, we created an effective combination of emotional and rational information.


• Unique users until now: more than 16,411! • High customer involvment through individual address of each user • High recognition • High interaction through clickstream data analysis, which records the navigation path that a user takes through the paper • High degree of persistence for viewing the configuration page • Less divergence loss • New user data • Clear information about what the users are looking for (heat map analysis)

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