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Membership & Benefits

There are many benefits of being a MAGNET member. Below is a list of qualifications, benefits and what it means to be a member of MAGNET. We hope to welcome you to the MAGNET family.

Qualifications for MAGNET Membership:

  • Must be an independent agency (principal or owner)
  • Must have at least $1,000,000 USD gross income for the past 3 years
  • Must have good financial status (submit financial info with membership application)
  • Must be well respected in regional business trading area
  • Must be willing to exchange and maintain confidential info from others in the network
  • Must be willing to attend at least one of the three network meetings per year

Benefits of MAGNET membership

  • Three annual network-wide surveys are issued to members
    • Confidential CEO & Staff Compensation
    • Agency Cost Analysis
    • Billing Rates & Agency Statistics
  • Bi-Monthly newsletter keeps members alert to such items as: new business activities, personnel information, purchases of new equipment and software, industry trends and projections
  • Access to contacts with other independent agency networks around the world
  • When possible, member discounts & strategic partnerships, negotiated with industry resources
  • MAGNET maintains a formal relationship with the international law firm REED SMITH in New York, New York, specializing in advertising and promotion law. Under MAGNET's arrangement with REED SMITH, you will receive a special negotiated rate after the first complimentary 15 minutes. Cost estimates will be done in advance of any work.
  • Seminars and workshops on various agency functions are held each year. Example: Financial, HR, Creative, Media & Digital

Cost of MAGNET membership

  • Initiation Fee submitted with Application for Membership $2500 USD (Refundable if application for membership is denied)
  • $7500 USD Annual Dues
  • Meeting costs are billed back to each member; members attending meetings will be billed attendee expenses as well

Who Attends MAGNET Meetings

The agency CEO, President or Managing Director, usually attends one of three principal meetings a year as the official MAGNET representative. It's important to attend the meetings to develop a good working relationship between agencies as well as open communication.

After each meeting, all the presentations delivered at the meetings are uploaded on the MAGNET website and links are sent to each member for downloading.

How Do You Communicate Between Meetings

MAGNET members usually communicate via email, phone, and face-to-face meetings or through the MAGNET office. Member to member assistance can range from one to two emails a week to exchange expertise or insight on a particular brand or client. It is expected that EACH member comply and send what they can to the requesting member. If work is developed between each agency, the principals mutually work together on an agreeable budget and expense reimbursement. It is common for member agencies to work together on joint ventures or specific client businesses.