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Case Studies

Marketing efforts revolve around strategy.  Often times this strategy is derived with the help of intensive analysis through a case study.  Many of our member agencies utilize this form of strategy.

MAGNET Case Studies

Selected from across the MAGNET network

  • Innovex: Gravity London and Princeton Partners

    Agency: Gravity London and Princeton Partners

    Client: Innovex

    Challenge: To reposition the brand and bring the global perception of the company in line with its current reality as a commercialization partner.

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  • BMW Austria Performance


    Client: BMW Austria

    Challenge: Make BMW-drivers keen on BMW Performance-Tools and create high response in terms of concrete enquiries to the single retailers.

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  • SunChemical: Nelson Schmidt, Inc. and heller & partner

    Agency: Nelson Schmidt and heller & partner

    Client: SunChemical

    Challenge: Position the SunChemical brand as the industry leader with a powerful and sustained communications campaign among key target audiences and stakeholders.

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  • Elevating Barbados from the Caribbean “Sea of Sameness”

    Agency: ISM

    Client: Barbados Tourism Authority

    Challenge: Help a struggling island stand out in a Caribbean market filled with larger, more developed competition while identifying and clearly defining its true soul.

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  • How do you transition a marketing culture from offline to online?

    Agency: ISM

    Client: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

    Challenge: Help an established brand better utilize digital and social media to effectively reach travelers.

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